From Fire to Ice Monaco

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Back in July 2015 you may remember that Rob and Seb visited the amazing Principality of Monaco to meet and discuss the expedition with Prince Albert II of Monaco. Today, after having HSH the Prince grant us his patronage a few months ago, the paperwork from the Palace came though. We are absolutely honoured and…


Polar explorer Norway Rob Small

Keeping warm with Rab

Well…the last few days have been amazing! After sharing great conversation and food and attending the Expedition Exhibition it was time to break out the new Rab clothing range provided to the expedition. As temperatures dropped to -26 centigrade, pulks were packed, skis were prepared and warmest jackets were donned. After a few days out in the…


Dr Greg Williams Polar explorer

Arrival of Dr Greg Williams

Seb and Rob were joined by Dr Greg Williams just in time to participate in the Expedition Festival hosted by the venerable mountain hotel which was once frequented by Captain Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Amundsen and Nansen. The team were invited to attend the Shackleton Award ceremony, an international melting pot of modern day polar…


Northern lights norway

Spectacular welcome

Rob and Seb arrived at ‪Finse1222‬ on Thursday 11 Feb after a scenic train ride through the Norwegian mountains. At midnight a magnificent display of the Northern Lights greeted them both; in fact it was so spectacular Seb walked out into the darkness to capture some amazing photos at -18 centigrade! Yesterday, they both began…


Finse1222 norway

In search of snow

Rob and Seb are on their way to Norway for some winter training among the mountains of the Hardangervidda National Park. As well as the training, they will also be at ‪Finse1222‬ and The Expedition Festival. Follow their updates over the next few days…there are some great activities planned.

Polar Ice exploration expedition

Glacier Calving World Record

Not really to do with the expedition but pretty incredible to watch! This rare footage has gone on record as the largest glacier calving event ever captured on film, by the 2016 Guiness Book of World Records. On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier…


Henry Worsley Polar Explorer

Lt. Col. Henry Worsley

Polar exploration history is rich beyond the wildest dreams of success and fame. It holds, indeed, the heaviest inheritance that has ever been entrusted to the courage and fidelity of adventurous men and women. The polar regions also hold the heaviest price on human survival. Today the British polar community lost a Great Explorer: Lt…


medical research polar expedition

Medical Research Meeting

Today key overland team members, film production staff and medical consultants came together to discuss the medical research at the heart of the expedition. Scientific expedition meetings can take place just about anywhere and this one occurred, quite literally, in the corner of one of London’s busiest hospitals. It was a place for discussing the merits…


Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

Here at From Fire to Ice we love penguins and today is Penguin Awareness Day. So, what are you waiting for? Share the love of penguins,  find out more about penguins, explore what others have to say about penguins, tell your friends about penguins, play penguin games, you could even dress up as a penguin!…


Antarctic expedition Shackleton memorial

Expedition of the wristband

From Fire to Ice has been to see the Boss!..well, kind of. The very lovely Katie Murray has taken one of our wrist bands (on her wrist) down south. Thank you Katie for the photo.

Frank Hurley’s iconic images

Last night Rob Small and Seb Coulthard attended a private viewing of the new Enduring Eye exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal gave a stirring speech on the legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Endurance Expedition, paying tribute to the contribution made to the advancements of human knowledge…


Antarctic expedition lifeboat mcnish

Caulking like Chippy

Everyone should have a go at caulking a lifeboat in true Chippy McNish style. We got to spend the weekend at Shackleton Legacy and it was an experience which enlightened us as to what it must have been like doing this on Elephant Island!

Shackleton Fire Ice Expedition

Expedition Postponed

Every Expedition has its setbacks and we are not immune to this. Last week expedition member, Seb Coulthard, broke his wrist in three places. We have always been a very together expedition team and the thought of going on without Seb was simply out of the question. The expedition has now been postponed by 1…


From fire to ice expedition donate

Thank you!

Every now and then we get reminded of how kind people are…although the expedition seeks funding through corporate channels, we recently received a donation to the expedition from a member of the public who had seen our trailer and wanted to help out.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Antarctic expedition training

Train with Rob

Today Rob spent the day with our training partner, Anytime Fitness Twickenham, he completed a three hour training session simulating the pulling of a pulk by attaching a weight to the harness and suspending it over a bar. There were a few people at the gym who were interested in finding out more and what…


From Fire to Ice Monaco

In the news again

We made the news again – our meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco at the royal palace, along with news of the From Fire To Ice documentary, was featured in the newspapers.

From Fire To Ice Devon

Trekking in Devon

Last week Rob used an unusually quiet few days in the schedule to head to South Devon for a spot of trekking. Four great days were spent camping and trekking along the coast. The trek will be a lot colder in January!

South pole Monaco explorer

Monaco Part 2

All the way to Monaco to meet the Prince himself, and unfortunately at the evening event the team didn’t manage to meet His Royal Highness. With departure time rapidly approaching, the opportunity to explain the From Fire to Ice Expedition was running out.


From Fire to Ice Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco

We feel completely honoured to have been given a private audience with Prince Albert II of Monaco to discuss his involvement in support of the From Fire To Ice Expedition; one of the most exciting 20 minutes of our lives.

Monaco polar expedition antarctic

Monaco Part 1

With the news that the team have been invited to meet with his Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco, anticipation and expectations are sky high as the team in this legendary city.


Antarctic Prince Albert Monaco

Royal Invitation

Team members have been invited to Monaco to meet with Prince Albert II of Monaco to talk about the expedition.

South pole expedition tent

Tent talk with Terra Nova

Today team members visited equipment partner Terra Nova to talk about the tents we will be taking to the South Pole with us. The passion and knowledge that comes across when talking to the staff is very reassuring, every little aspect of each tent’s creation is talked about and discussed to make sure each tent…


From Fire to Ice Rab Sponsor

Thank you Rab

Today we received a package from Equipment Partner Rab. These tops will be used by the team when training and for photo shoots during the summer months. It/s always fun opening boxes when you know there is new equipment inside. Thanks Rab.

Shackleton Fire to Ice polar expedition

Best of Britannia

One of our expedition supporters, The Shackleton Company, have been on display at the Best Of Britannia over the weekend. Alongside them were a full range of products, all made in Britain. This photo is of Rob and Shackleton company director, Simon, during a photo shoot in the Balvenie Morgan.

suunto south pole expedition fire

Suunto leads the way

Rob picks up equipment partner Suunto’s latest wrist mounted GPS units for the team from our other partner Snow & Rock. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is the ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure. It guides you every step of the way, providing all we need to progress and stay safe on the ice.

Rob Small burns south pole

Front page news!

The expedition has been featured in a number of newspapers recently, including the front page of a paper in Scotland! It’s funny how the story changes slightly as the different newspapers report on it without actually interviewing any team members.

From Fire to Ice Sponsor Suunto

Suunto – Equipment Partner

We are happy to announce Suunto as official equipment partner. From the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of icebergs in the Antarctic ocean, Suunto’s watches have been worn by explorers and divers in some of the world’s wildest places. Suunto’s mission: to equip and inspire adventurers, explorers and sports enthusiasts to physically and mentally conquer…


From fire to ice support

Letters from Thailand

Today we received a letter from Thailand! Twenty-seven letters to be exact, from a school wishing us luck. What an absolutely fantastic thing to receive, and to know we are being talked about in schools all over the world makes us feel very proud.

From Fire to Ice Trailer

Expedition Trailer

“We are happy to release the From Fire to Ice Expedition Trailer produced by New Earth Films. Three one hour episodes will be produced covering the fire, medical research, build up and the expedition itself. We are still in discussions with Broadcasters and will announce when a decision has been made. Hope you all enjoy…


South Pole expedition Finse

Hotel Finse

During our training in Finse, Norway, we took some time to talk with Trygve Norman, owner of Hotel Finse, about why this place is so special and, why polar expeditions have been coming here for the past 100 years.

From Fire to Ice Finse 1222

Finse 1222, Norway

On the 10th of February 2015 the team will be heading to Finse 1222, our training partner, in Norway to conduct winter training for the South Pole. This is the same training ground that Sir Ernest Shackleton used 100 years ago and is steeped in polar history. We are also very proud to have been…


From Fire to Ice New Earth

Behind the scenes

This is a behind the scenes shot of the first day of filming with Expedition Cameraman, Kevin, of New Earth Films and Expedition Doctor, Greg. New Earth films will document the movements of the team over the coming year and will produce a three part documentary.

From Fire to Ice Medical Research

Medical Research begins

On the 7th of January Rob and Expedition Research lead Andre were at the institute of sport, exercise and health (ISEH) in order to begin the medical research. Over the coming year the team will visit the ISEH regularly to continue the pre-expedition testing and also experience the low levels of oxygen in the institutes…


From Fire To Ice NEF

New Earth Films

We are pleased to announce our media partner for our expedition to the pole – New Earth Films – will produce a three part series with international release. The focus will follow the team and Rob Small’s journey from his life changing fire to realising his dream to complete Shackeltons Unfinished Journey and ground breaking…


From Fire To Ice

Seb Coulthard Joins The Team

We are happy to announce our 4th team member, Seb Coulthard. Seb is not only a close friend, but also one of the UK’s leading Shackleton Historians. Seb will take charge of the expedition’s video and photography. Please see for more information.

From Fire To Ice

Rob Goes Back To School

The Year 6 class at the Russell Primary School in Richmond, London took time out of their day to write the expedition some letters, with questions, asking if we would come and talk to them. Rob Spent the afternoon with the class answering questions, cooking expedition food and planning expeditions!

From Fire To Ice

Letter from Jack

The second letter opened today was from Jack, aged 9, he also wanted to wish the team luck and donate some of his pocket money.  Expedition Leader Rob was amazed at this morning’s post, thank you so much.

From Fire To Ice Expedition

Young Sponsor

A letter arrived in the post today that produced a lump in Expedition Leader Rob’s throat. Alex, aged 11, wrote to the team wishing them luck and donated some of his hard earned pocket money. Amazing. thank you so much.

From Fire To Ice Shackleton

Dressing up time!

During the Plymouth 100 event Rob was invited to wear some replica clothing that Sir Ernest would have worn. I can only imagine what it must have felt like!



From Fire To Ice Expedition

Shakleton 100

Rob talked at the Shackleton 100 event in Plymouth this August. 100 years ago Sir Ernest Shackleton, and the Endurance left Plymouth heading south.